Kibana dashboard modifications

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If you're running kibana to visualise logstash data then you're probably going to want the default logstash dashboard to be displayed instead of the welcome message every time you go to the home url.

To do this simply:

cp /opt/logstash/vendor/kibana/app/dashboards/logstash.json /opt/logstash/vendor/kibana/app/dashboards/default.json

If you have split your logstash data into multiple indexes in order to retain different (more verbose) data at different rates then you're probably going to want this modification

It may be dangerous to apply this diff verbatim but ultimately you get the idea, you need to hunt in /opt/logstash/vendor/kibana/app/dashboards/default.json for the 'pattern' keyword and add your additional indexes as below.

<     "pattern": "[logstash-]YYYY.MM.DD",
>     "pattern": "[logstash-]YYYY.MM.DD,[firewall-]YYYY.MM.DD",