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General knowledge

Draw weight

Draw weight of bows is measured at 28" unless otherwise specified. You lose or gain 2# of draw weight for every additional inch.

Draw length calculation

Measure from finger-tip to finger-tip with your arms spread, divide that number by 2.5 and round to the nearest 1/2 inch.

My bows

Three arrows custom 36 pound fibreglass horse bow

Samick Sage 40 pound takedown bow


  • 3x 29 inch wooden arrows with turkey feather fletchings
  • 6x 30 inch carbon arrows - EK (Archery Research) bought from CTC Featherston. These are 85grain field tip and 275grain shaft weight.

Samick Sage

So far i've found that good arrows for the Samick Sage 40 pound with a 28 inch draw length would be:

  • Easton Tribute Aluminum Arrows (1816 variant)

My draw length

28 inches

Janine's draw length

26.5 inches